About Us


-is dedicated to all the fabulous women who love life, wellbeing and colorful leggings.

We are here for you

who enjoys yoga or sweating while working out at the gym and foremost for you who appreciates yourself just the way you are.

We want to offer colorful and inspiring clothing which gives energy both for the body and soul. When wearing our clothing you´ll be the sparkling spot of color amongst all the black leggings. Let your true warrior and yogini come out.

All this is for you,

you come here exactly as you are, you are enough!


-We want to contribute with our share. We strive to represent ethically manufactured clothing. We believe that all small efforts have meaning when looking at the big picture, pure nature is our breathing hole, that´s why we donate 1 € to the WWF for every pair of sold leggings.

What does the name Yogini&Co stand for?

A true Yogini is an enlightened woman with exuberant passion, spiritual powers and deep insight. Yoginis communicate a sense of freedom, a sheer mastery in whatever they do. It has been said that Yoginis are independent, outspoken, forthright women with a gracefulness of spirit. Without them, yoga can fail in its purpose and remain sterile.

Yogini&Co enlightens a community which offers light, affinity and love <3

Behind Yogini&Co is a positive minded mother and a wife who loves yoga, chocolate and horses.

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