A summer update

So much has happened since last time. We´ve been busy but so happy for all the positive comments we´ve gotten from the best customers in the world that we are so lucky to have <3

So what´s new? Well, we stumbled upon these super stylish and utterly beautiful yoga mats from the swedish company Grounded Factory. We felt instantly that we must have these. Must. Just when you look at the mat you feel grounded, safe and strong. The Grounded Factory Yoga mats have not dissapointed us. They are stylish, supersoft with their vegansuede surface, and eco-friendly made 99% of natural materials. Hurray for that!

Then we found a new love, a Teeki love. Who does not love Teeki leggings? The it yoga legging made out of recycled PET bottles, loving the earth and loving you. Teeki leggings are soft and smooth with a nice high rise waistband, they feel like your second skin. You got to try them on. Cool new prints coming in all the time!

So that´s a small snipet of what we´ve been up to 🙂


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